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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mom in the stands: Clarkstown North's Irma Navarro of New City

Apr 21, 2011  |  
Irma Navarro of New City, mother of Clarkstown North softball player Lauren Navarro (Hurricanes Gold)
What's it like in the stands at the Clarkstown North softball games?
"It's a like reunion of the parents of the girls who played New City Little League softball. She's playing softball with the same girls since they were 9 years old."
Is it easy for you to get to all the games?
"I'm a freelance court reporter. I make sure I have short depositions on the days Lauren is playing. During travel season, I try to make all her games on the weekends except when she's far away playing softball in other states like California, Indiana and Florida."
What was it like for you watching Lauren and the team win that first playoff game against Yorktown last year?
"It was exciting to watch Lauren and the team win that game. We have lots of talent on our team. I wasn't surprised we won."
How proud are you of what Lauren's accomplished?
"Very proud. The varsity softball team made the playoffs last year. Her travel team won several tournaments and then went on to win the World Series in Myrtle Beach. She's also been recruited to play softball by St. Thomas Aquinas College."
At what age did you know that Lauren was going to really excel in sports?
"When she was playing basketball at a very young age and was outrunning and outplaying boys her same age. Her nickname was 'The Bullet' because she was so fast."
What's your greatest wish for Lauren on and off the field?
"No one reaches success in life or in sports without working hard. They have their whole lives in front of them. All of their dreams are possible. They can be anything."
— Debbie Schechter

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